Help with datasheets on a couple of components...

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    May 23, 2009
    Hello all.

    I bought some components recently so I can start messing around with electronics hands on.

    I need some help reading a couple of datasheets so I don't burn up the few parts I have. Here I go!

    Piezo Vibration Sensor:

    From what I've gathered this has a max DC voltage of 280V, but I find nothing on power or amperage.

    Linear Trim Pot:

    This says that the max power is .05W. That sounds incredibly low to me. It also mentions max voltage of 250VAC. What about DC voltage?

    12mm Momentary Push Button:

    They have no information on this and I don't know what would be a good idea to stay under...

    PNP 2N3906 Transistor BJT:

    There's a lot of information here I don't understand.

    NPN 2N3905 Transistor BJT:

    Same here, lots of info I don't understand.

    Female and male headers, what are these for?

    LM 358 Op-Amp:

    I think this is a bit beyond my current level as well as the next item.

    555 Timer:

    Same as Op-Amp.

    What I am hoping for is some basic information the power dissipation levels of each item since I found the datasheets kind of difficult for me to understand with my current knowledge.

    I am going to start messing with this soon and don't want to burn anything.

    Any kind of help whatsoever is extremely appreciated!
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    Apr 5, 2008

    When starting with electronics, you will need to know some basics.
    On top of the page there are some tabs that will give you access to the eBook pages.

    An other good source of information can be found in the links of the EDUCYPEDIA:

    There you will also find the following pages on components and their data:

    On top of each pages there are links to other pages like that.