Help with cushman truck, wiring batteries solution?

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I have a 36/48 volt GE motor. I completely stripped the car and everything will be brand new. I want to hook up the best wiring system for my use, which will be for parades and such on the street.

I will be using the trogan 105 batteries 6 volt. What I'm considering is running 6 batteries in series for the 36 volt motor then putting two in series for my radio and speakers, air horn, and brake lights.

Here's what I"m not sure of? Should I use two high quality 12 volt deep cycle batteries and parallel them for the speakers air horn and brake lights. What will give me the most life out of my radio and lights or should I use two 6 volt batteries and put them in series.

Another question Should I put two 12 volt batteris in parallel and then put two more sets just like that in series to power the truck.

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Paralleling batteries is not a good idea because if they have unequal voltages current will flow between them until their voltages are equal. You can solve this problem by placing a diode on each battery's positive terminal with the anode of the diode connected to the terminal and then connect the cathodes together to get the output of the paralleled batteries. This of course will cost you approximately 0.7 volts less than the battery voltage. By paralleling batteries you increase the ampere-hours and thus the time you use them before they get discharged.
If you put two batteries in series you increase the voltage but you dont increase the time you use them before they get discharged.

Note that if you put diodes, the diodes must have a current rating at least equal the maximum current you will draw from the battery.