HELP with Controlling 12v Raising/Retracting Spoiler

Discussion in 'The Projects Forum' started by Jonnieb2013, Apr 19, 2013.

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  1. Jonnieb2013

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    Apr 19, 2013

    Not sure if you can help me here.

    Whilst I can make up wiring looms and have basic electrical experience thats as far as it goes so need some help if possible.

    The problem is this. I have a rear spoiler for a vehicle that retracts and extends via a motor. The switch is linked to a module that tells the spoiler to extend. When you push the switch again the spoiler retracts. Now at the moment the module isnt working and I am looking at by-passing the module completely.

    What I need to happen is by pressing the switch the spoiler extends to its limit, then pressing the switch again the spoiler retracts fully.

    I have attached the wiring diagram.

    Pin 1/pin 4 that goes to the spoiler motor 4 (At bottom) appear to be live/earth. Passing voltage through this activates the motor, reversing the poles and the motor retracts the spoiler.

    The switch is E127 white and black/white wires. I guess I would need some form of relay at the switch to reverse polarity to retract the spoiler. do I then connect the existing limit switch wires (F135/F136) in line with this power source to tell the motor to stop? or use a timer of some sort (Relay with timer?) Not sure.

    Need some help please. Any help is greatly appreciated to this novice!

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    Ummmmm, No car discussions are allowed on this site. You might wanna delete it before you get in dutch with the mods...
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    Look at his post The mods have redirected beginners so often that it's boring. They just tell them where an automotive site is.
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