Help with Capacitive Reactance "critical thinking"

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I have no idea on where to start with this problem. Can anyone point me in the right direction?, I have attempted to tackle it but came up short.

you don't have to answer it but if you like too by all means take a crack at it, but all im asking is tell me where to start, i can do the rest of the problems

Calculate: Xct, Xc1, Xc2, C1, C3, Vc1, Vc2, Vc3, Ic2 and Ic3. Your time and help is greatly appreciated.
*Note that total voltage is 50v and not 25v


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You should know the formula for reactance of a capacitor so you can calculate the reactance of C2. Treat all the reactances just like a resistor network so that you can calculate the reactance of C1 knowing the supply voltage and current. Once you know the reactance of C1 you can work out the voltage at the junction. Knowing all the reactances you can the calculate all of the capacitor values from the formula for reactance of a capacitor. Job done.