Help with Boolean Algebra Simplification

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If anyone can help me simplify the following two boolean expressions whilst listing the laws used at each stage then that would be hugely appreciated!

The two expressions are:




Where * is AND and [] is an inverted input.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!




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Firstly the second one (because its easier):


Deal with the first two brackets and take out P*[X]*Y as common factors

Therefore: P*[X]*Y([Q]+Q) where [Q]+Q = 1 (Complementary Law)

So that gives (P*[X]*Y) + (P*Q*X*[Y]) (with the third bracket reintroduced)

Now take out P as a common factor:

So you get P*{([X]*Y) + (Q*X*[Y])}

Thats it in its simplest form.

The first one is considerably more difficult:


Look at brackets 3 and 4 and take out P*[Q]*X as common factors

So P*[Q]*X([Y]+Y) where [Y]+Y = 1

Do the same with brackets 5 and 6 taking P*Q*Y out as common factors

So P*Q*Y([X]+X] where [X]+X = 1

Brackets 1 and 2 are just take out [P]*Q as common factors and get:


So your answer should now look something like:

[P]*Q*{([X]*Y) + (X.[Y])} + (P*[Q]*X) + (P*Q*X)

Take out common factors of P*X in the last two expresions to get P*X([Q]+Q) where [Q] + Q = 1 and just gives P*X

Your final answer should look like:

[P]*Q*{([X]*Y) + (X.[Y])} + P*X

I haven't had chance to look at this with another method but will post back if the answer comes out any different. I'd also appreciate comments on any errors I have made or if you'd like any further help :)