Help with amplifier circuit (PAM8320)

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im trying to create simplified simulation of this amplifier:
based on its functional block diagram. Im still new to circuits and LTSpice overall, so before going deep ive created a simulation of simple class d amplfier with 1 transistor and it works fine i guess.
It looks like this:
The speaker simulation is based on a speaker i already possess, since i intend to build working circuit with this speaker and amplifier.
Here's the speaker specification:

Now i struggle with the actual simulation, so far ive got this:amplifier.PNG
As i said its simplified, since i just want to show only roughly how it works. Ive simplified the speaker circuit just to be sure it doesnt break simulation in some way.

The problems i know i have are:
1. I dont know how to pick correct resistances in phase inverter? I think my numbers are approximately fine but i just picked them looking at how the signal behaves.
2. I dont know how to properly connect transistors to the power source, ive tried doing it according to the schematic and it seems to me that something is off, idk if its just my missunderstanding of schematic or something else is wrong in my simulation so i just left them unconnected and im hoping someone will tell me how to make this simulation work.

I added LTspice file if it helps.