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    Jul 10, 2006

    I need to implemente a "branch if greater than or equal" and a "set if less than" in my 16-bit ALU (MIPS architecture),but I'm having some difficulties with it.
    The "set if less than" I think,if one considers overflow,it could be implemented XOR-ing the signal bit with the overflow and then,connecting it to the less input (setting all less bits less the LSB to 0) of ALU 0,right?
    The "branch if greater than or equal" is what giving me some troubles.
    I know that a "branch if greater than or equal" is a pseudo-instruction that can be done as a slt and a beq.But how do I mplement that in my ALU?If the slt above mentioned is correct and considering I also have designed a beq(NOR dos bits do resultado),how do I pout these 2 together in order to create a bge?

    Thanks in advance for all the help!