help with a multiple-use circuit board

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Hi all...I've got an indoor/outdoor clock, temp, month, day clock made by Jidelong. On the circuit board it is a JDL-TK2-236D. There doesn't sem to be any IC's just a bunch of transistors. When I plug it in, I only get a one on the day output, and nothing else. (it has 10 number counters - 4 for the time, 2 for the temp, 2 for the month, and 2 for the day). Any ideas on why only a 1 is showing on the day and nothing else on any of them? It's never been outside, only in my office plugged into a surge-protetected power bar. Any ideas on how to fix? I paid over $100 for the thing, so I don't want to have to chuck it out!


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It's typical low build quality so you need to search out and reflow all questionable solder joints, clean off any residues and make sure the power is good as a start.


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Wow, one of those "Black Blob" uC device..... if doing what KJ6EAD said still doesn't help, then most likely the issue would be in the "Black blob" that is the microcontroller that "runs" that board, so if anything is wrong with it, there really is no fixing it..... unless you can find another one of those boards with the "black blob" and replace the one on yours.....