help with a meter of sorts

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I know that this is probably very simple for some folks here, so that is why I am coming to you guys!

I'm trying to make a simple meter using a pot and led output. I have 12v going to the pot, and what I don't understand is how I control the leds after that.. For simplicity's sake lets say I want to show 2v - 12v in even increments. The previous led can stay lit. So basically I want one led to come on at 2v, the next to come on at 4v, etc... I know I need to use resistors going to each led, but I don't know how to figure out what the value of the resistor should be.

I've found a few diagrams floating around, but I'm not the most educated when it comes to reading electrical diagrams.

thanks in advance!


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Search this site using "LM3914" as the search term. You will turn up numerous posts about this IC, which is made to do the metering you want.


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Take a look at this device. LM3914 Datasheet

There are several example circuits in the datasheet. You can also google for example circuits.

It is available from digikey for less than 3 dollars.



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Certainly a series of window comparators would work - that's how the LM3914 works it's voodoo. It would be more effort and more expense.