Help with 7 segment display

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Hi guys.

I have bought some 7 segment LED displays (common anode). But the pins are not arranged like in 7 segment display below.

My displays have the pins in the left and right side (instead of in the top and bottom like in picture above).

Can you help me using these displays.

In the website I bought them they had this diagram:

Please help me to use these displays.


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I think the data sheet is telling you: pins 3 or 8 are power. Pin 7 is A for example. Pin 6 is B. Pin 4 is C. And so on.

I usually don't trust the data sheet when it comes to 7 seg displays. Just try grounding each of the pins and see which segments lights up, and then record it on a piece of paper. Make sure to connect pin 3 or 8 to power, 5V or whatever.

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I found out which pins represent the common anodes.
I connected each PIN to power (with a 0.5K resistor) in succession until I found the 2 anodes.
The upper left PIN and bottom right PIN are the common anodes.

The diagram is not correct for the displays I received.

Thank you


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Are the leads out of the display like a DIP?

Can you post a picture of the front and back of your display to see how the pins are laid out, and if there are any markings/notches or maybe a part number on it?