Help!!! Which DSP kit to choose btw TMS320C6711 & TMS320VC33 for Phase Vocoder

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i m a new bie
Please Help me choosing me a platform for my Matlab Simulink Model of PHASE VOCODER which i m using for Pitch Shifting from male to female voice.
I have 2 DSP kits available in my uni. i.e
TMS320C6711 & TMS320VC33
My input sampling rate is 8K and output sampling rate is 12K.
i think i cannot use TMS320C6711 coz it is having a fixed sampling rate of 8K. i wud b requiring a Daughter Card for it. Rite??? Or is there any way i can??
Secondly if i come over to TMS320VC33, is it possible to implement my model on it? Can my Simulink Model be directly burn on it like through Code Composer Studio in TMS320C6711.
i hav VAB(Visual Application Builder 1.41) with TMS320VC33.
Please guide me that shud i order a daughter card for TMS320C6711 or should i go for TMS320VC33?? and how i can implement my simulink model on TMS320VC33 then??
i'll b highly thankful