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    Mar 9, 2009
    0 is an new Open Source project with the following Objective:

    Utilizing standard available computer equipment and peripherals (such as sound cards), create Open Source Designs of high quality detectors suitable for humanitarian demining.

    Estimates of the number people killed or maimed each year by land mines range from 10,000 to 30,000. Most of these are civilians and about half of these are children. Estimates are that there are over 100 million land mines that remain buried throughout the world.

    The project aims to create open source software oriented metal detectors that are specifically suitable for finding land mines. The ability to do this primarily in software instead of hardware has come about due to recent advances in audio cards that can be used for the interface to the detector coils.

    The results from this project may also have many other beneficial uses such as being useful for border security, in manufacturing to ensure foreign objects don't enter our food supply, recycling, geological exploration or as a general research tool. While the primary purpose of the designs is centered on humanitarian demining, other benefical uses are allowed, encouraged and supported.

    Central Principles of the project include the following:

    1. Leverage the power of Web Based Open Source Collaborative Projects,
    2. Utilization of New Technologies such as recent 24 bit sound cards,
    3. Very Modular Design with Well Defined Interfaces between Modules,
    4. Documentation of the Technology and
    5. Support of other Beneficial Uses.

    As a new project we are looking for more people to take part in the project. Even if this is only taking part in the discussion forums on our web site, it may all be helpful.

    We currently have applied to Google to be part of their Google Summer of Code. This may help us with the code but we still need people to help with the circuits. Also as part of the requirements from Google we still need back up mentors.

    Please see the website for more details.