help- ultra high frequency agitator

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i have a circuit it possible to make a ultra high frequency oscillator and feed it to a piezo element or some transducer. and when the piezo or transducer is brought close to a glass it has to break. just like in the movie "die another day". is it possible? please give some suggestions.

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Opera singers have been known to shatter wine glasses when they hit the resonant frequency of the glass for a period of time.

It's not an ultra-high frequency; it is the natural resonant frequency of the particular glass or glasses in question. This would be easier to do with fine crystal glasses that are precisely made, with high lead content. You can determine the natural frequency of the particular glass in question by tapping on it with your fingernail, a wooden stick, etc. while monitoring the audio output on a spectrum analyzer, frequency counter, O-scope etc. Cheap glass will sound "dead" when struck. Fine crystal will resonate for several lingering seconds.

That frequency, sufficiently amplified, will cause the glass to shatter.