help troubleshoot/repair indoor/outdoor clock, temp, month, day clock circuit

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This post is similar to one posted July 29,2012 (see thread "help with a multiple-use circuit board").
Attached is a picture depicting the powered circuit. All LEDS work fine. There are 4 push buttons on the rear of the enclosure labeled A thru D. I am able to set the time of day, date, pm/am. The problem is that the clock is not advancing.
Isn't it likely that the crystal is not providing the clock signal to the IC? There is a metal can on the circuit card Y1. The silk screen on the ckt board labels Y1 as 32768. I am guessing this is a 32.768 k hz RTC oscillator. The IC is TG2518
This is a cool Denver Broncos piece that is precious to my son-in-law. Anybody want to weigh in?
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