Help to rescue the rabbits

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Whether you really wish to make a kind and noble act, to help the brothers offended by destiny our smaller?

To that there is one small and fine essence - the rabbit!

Them so a lot of poor and defenceless! So your help and financial support is necessary to them. In fact in our heavy and not easy time it so is heavy!

To be exact family of rabbits which we have rescueed from brutal mercenary people. We have very strongly grown fond and have become attached to them.

But on their maintenance and creation of a cosiness by it we do not have opportunities.

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So let's not remain in the party and we shall help them!

In fact each of us knows, that in this world support and the help of people surrounding us is frequently necessary!


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Rabbits are an excellent low-fat source of protein. Properly prepared, they taste great!!

If you like, I can share some of my wife's recipies. I can also give advice on efficient slaughter and cleaning.

If we are to be truly in harmony with nature, we must do as our cousins Wolf and Eagle do... we must eat ususpecting herbavores!!!

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Originally posted by electro-man@Apr 9 2006, 11:02 PM
MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM rabit... stewed is the best, everything else is rather tough for my liking. :)
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I think god stuffed up when he made rabbits. He could have left out those little lead balls.