Help to identify a specific SMD component [IMG]


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It seems that Renesas has discontinued that particular Zener diode.
It is in the HZU-L series of Zeners.
The 2003 datasheet shows the HZU36L1 as being somewhere between 34.2 and 35.7v (nominal 35v)with Iz of 0.5mA. Later datasheets for that family do not show this family with having Zener voltages that high.

According to the 2003 datasheet, the parts marked 271 should be HZU27L-1; these would be nominally 26v ±0.6v (roughly) with Iz=0.5mA.

They are not in the newer HZU family datasheet either.
Arrow was the only authorized distributor I could find in the USA that carried ANY of this family of Zeners; but the Zeners I found were very low voltage.

You should be able to substitute the KDZTR33B for the HZU36L1 35v diode.
Digikey has a few thousand in stock:
You might also be able to use this one:

You should be able to substitute this Zener for the HZU27L-1: