help....robbo for spying

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hey ppl

i need help regardin a robo im building....

i have almost mad a spying kndof robot which has a wireless

video camera and controlled mby remotecontrol

the remote control ckt was taken 4rm a toy car havin a tx/rx


the problem is i want to know the range, and wether it works

on FM/AM modulation.....on its cover it was written RF

based remote control but still wat knd of modulation is done

in these transmitter/receivers????,.........

plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help ...if u dont know plz ask someone

who wud know!!!!!!!!


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So far, you've said "I have a box. What's in it?":cool:

You'll need to provide more information before anyone can hazard a guess. Do you know the frequency? Manufacturer or model name? Have you opened the thing up to see what's inside?

And please use proper English on this forum. We have members from around the globe, and "Leet speak" is difficult enough for native English speakers to decode.:)


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If I read this properly, ....If these parts, transmitter and receiver, came from a remote controlled car, each should have a crystal. And will be clearly printed on said crystals their freq. As for the range, I would just drive the car, if its still together, until it stops responding correctly.
But, and please mods, clip my wings if i'm out of line here, it would seem to me that if someone would want me to take the time to help them they would

1>Work as far on their own as they could (and, if i get what he's asking for, he could find alot of this out by testing his components)

2>at least attempt to write in a way that could be understood without having to re-read and translate gobble-di-gook into some useable format.

I may be the only one here who feels this way, but if i have to struggle to make sense of what you've written, your question is already suspect.

Oh, and BTW, hello everyone!