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hi guys

currently im doing a RF related project, so i have this transmitter as shown above, how do i make the receiver 1 beeps when switch 1 is pressed on the transmitter? do i have to transmitter a simple wave and have this bandpass filter at receiver 1 and different bandpass filter at receiver 2? or do i have to encode my wave to contain some data let say it contains some bit sequence that corresponds to receiver 1 and receiver 2 will drop it if its not related. if so how do i implement this?
sorry for asking this ez question, im really lack of practical basics. :)


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This would be a very challenging project for any DIY, and too much for a beginner.

The good news is that you can simply buy cheap walkie-talkies that do exactly what you have described. They use digital codes to route signals to only receivers looking for that code. Like a garage door remote (another thing you might hack). For instance you set the transmitter to 14-3, channel 14 (the freq) and digital channel 3. Only a receiver set to the same channel will receive the ring tone.


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You can easily do it with THESE RF transmitters/receivers from LINX.

They have 4 data lines where you can connect your switches to. On the receiver side you configer each receiver to a different data line, i.e. the buzzer circuit will be on different data lines according to the configuration on the transmitter side.

The ICs require almost no external components, apart from the antenna and bypass capacitors maybe.