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    May 3, 2011
    i have to develop a circuit similar to binary serach

    here is the statement

    FunBrain Magician
    The FunBrain Magician is game that will pick a secret number between 0 - 31. User guesses what number it is. If the guess is high or low, FunBrain will give a hint.

    User will ask the magician to generate the random number by setting input GRN = 1. Magician will take the guess after every 4 cycles. If the answer is correct CA will be set to 1, otherwise H or L will be set accordingly. In the end magician should tell in how many turns user is able to guess the correct number.

    Clock Pulse CP
    Generate Random number GRN

    Guessed Number C0…C4
    Correct Answer CA
    Number of guesses D0…D4

    High H

    Low L

    i need some serious help
    can some one guide me ill be very gratefull
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