Help require ! transmit data into 89c51 from PC via Serial port

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hello friend ,

i am working with AT89c51 microcontroller.
my project is as follow
1) I have to store some 10 number into 89c51( e.g . 89010122120001,89010122120002,........upto 10 number)
2)send data from computer into 89c51 in real time
3) data receive by 89c51 at any port and this received data is compared by initially stored number by 89c51
4)if the number match LED is turn on that's it

please guide me step by step procedure or any kind of help.i have 89c51,
Max232 IC,DB9 serial port .also give me CKT diag,H/W reqrd and S/w.

reply me please as i have only 3 days remaining to complete.

Thanx in advance


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Perhaps you could give an idea of what you have done thus far. Please read this to get an idea of what you should provide as information. You can expect help but must dictate the course of your own learning.

3 days is not very long, and I think if you haven't started at this stage I feel you may be out of luck.