Help requested on difference between same motherboard with different part number

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I want to know what is the difference between two different part numbers of the same motherboard. I have acer ferrari 4005 WLMi. The motherboard died. I want to replace it. There are 2 motherboards. One with part number LB FR406.001 and the other LB FR406.002. Both are used in the same laptop.

I request your advises on the this. Can I buy any of them? Is there a difference between the same motherboards with different part numebrs?



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Yes it was a silkscreen change only. I had to remove the hiding "Waldo" picture I added near the cmos battery.

Seriously it could be anything. I'd expect something like that to indicate a revision change and only Acer can tell you what that revision change was for as both come up for your machine.

Or just open up the laptop and check the part number on yours and buy the same one.