HELP repair oscilloscope hp1725A

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    Dec 5, 2005
    Ok repair low voltage power supply, but
    moving the vertical position of the potentiometer track and off-center shifts of 2 cm. The display is a maximum of about a major division (about 1 cm), both channels are the same. The rest looks good. I schematic. tensions are OK. Tension is high as -3,000 said. I can trace the signal through the amp vertical and is approximately 2 times the size in a different area. I can find the same signal on the next card that is connected by a coil large screen.
    and it is possible that the IC hibrid 5081-3024? how can I do to make sure the fault I found the resistance 31.6 ohms hot unsolder the circuit still measure 32.8 ohms.
    Any ideas or help would be welcome.
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