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    Dear Friends

    Am currently working in the Maximum power point tracking application of PV module using Boost converter. Little bit am confused to understand the concept of MPPT role in the PV module. I mean my system is PV module+Boost converter (MPPT controller)+ Resistive Load. Purpose of using MPPT is used to track maximum power from the PV module. If we are changing the resistive load at different value, whether mppt will show peak point for all those loads ???? . Suppose if MPP vary for different loads then how much variation will be occur . Please explain clear to under. I will be very much thank for your valuable suggestion regarding my queries...

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    MPPT Info

    Although more work is involved, you can get a greater increase in energy with PC solar tracking methods (Solar panels follow the light of the sun) than with MPPT. MPPT, however, is much easier to implement.