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    Jul 5, 2010
    Hello Everybody !!

    I am currently working on motion control circuits and need to control a linear actuator from Firgelli Automations( which operates at 12V DC,upto 10 A current at full load .It has internal build in limiting switch.For motion control,i don't have to use a microcontroller,instead i could use an analog (op amp ) based PID controller to control the linear actuator using H-bridge.Linear actuator is equipped with LVDT to sense the linear displacement of the actuator and the output is fed to the error amplifier. I have with me analog devices LVDT signal conditioner to get the output voltage to be feedbacked to the input.

    Reference signal is 0 to 5 volt varying voltage signal given by user.

    Could anyone help me with the circuit of PID or a rough idea to how to do the whole thing mostly with the PID control and H- Bridge drive.
    Would be thankful to you guys.