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imran nazeer

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hey guyz i m not new bt i have no huge onfo about assembly language . i need ur help in making a project of 3 story building elevator. it,s just a somple student project nt of big malls . it,s just a simple low level project would u like to help me ? i m using pic18f4550 i want the code and proteus diagram of elevator plz help me soon


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Yet another student that wants someone to give them a complete solution to their 3-story elevator problem all wrapped up in a bow.

The answer is....NO!

If you want to put some effort of your own into solving YOUR problem and then post specific issues that your are having in trying to solve YOUR problem, we will be more than happy to guide you so that YOU can make progress in solving YOUR problem.


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Before you post on AAC you must learn the rules.

1) Give your thread a subject title that describes the problem. "Help plz" is of no use to anyone.

2) Write using proper words, grammar and punctuation. Textese shows laziness.

3) Show your work.

4) Don't expect help in a hurry.


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...would u like to help me ?...
i want the code and proteus diagram of elevator
This sounds less like helping and more like doing it for you.

As noted, we do not do your homework for you, not that you included enough information to do it anyway. Your first step is to understand the requirements. Then, I'd suggest you create a flowchart of the behavior, then program and simulate it. Make sure you actually give yourself enough time to complete the assignment. Judging by your urgency, you didn't give yourself enough time, but perhaps for your next assignment...


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It is also the meaning that you should use things learned in previous programming assignments to do this final task. Your teacher did not out of the blue just hit you head the head with this assignment.