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I want know and remember what some electronic and communication devices do such as phase discriminator, zener diode, buffer amplifier, etc.
Kindly could give me some web sites or tell me some simple books which that related with the above request.

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Google is your best bet for finding information about phase discriminators (625,000 results) you may have to digg around to find a suitable explaination.

Zener diodes is found here at AAC.

A buffer amplifier is more widely known a "unity gain buffer" and is covered in much detail in both The Art of Electronics and Microelectronic Circuits by Sedra and Smith. Basically, it acts as a unity gain device that presents a high impedance at the input of the buffer and a low impedance at the output of the buffer. You may also want to look at the emitter follower as an example of a component level buffer.