Help plz, 4.3 amp submersible water pump,

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Hi Friends, a high quality submersible water pump from Italy, it is 220 volt, 1,100SA, 4.3 amps, and it is grounded into the earth while in use; and we also have an emergency electrical cut-off that cuts the power in case of an electrical short; but the question is, in a new high quality pump like this, how safe and how insane is it that I work in the water while the pump is running (No way to do the work unless the pump is running; and yes it is also again, grounded into the earth.) And again I’m so ignorant on this subject that I think as an example of ‘a submarine’, many many volts and amps, radio antennas and everything, under water in salt water; and so why is it in my little brain, Italy, USA, or Germany etc, cannot design and make a pump where when healthy and new is specifically designed that electronic leak, jump, or spark, is just basically impossible? – All honest true comments hoped for and needed; how safe am I to be in the water in work in this with rubberised tools; how likely is a shock likely, and if so, what are my chances wet, in this case with a one second shock at 4.3 amps?

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1) I don't know what an "S.A." is.
2) A one second shock at 4.3 amps can kill you by stopping your heart.
3) I believe it is possible to make a pump that is safe.
4) The emergency cut-offs in case of a short will not save you.
5) I know there are ground fault interrupters for 120 volts. I wonder if they exist for 220 V.
6) You can test the pump for leakage with a volt meter before you put it in water. Apply one leg of the power voltage to both power wires and use a modern volt meter to measure from the case of the pump to a good ground. If there is no voltage, you are probably safe.
7) If that test passes, you can put the pump in a barrel of water, put the same high AC voltage on both power connections and measure the voltage from the barrel to a good ground.
8) If you are standing in the water being wet, and have the pump open to work on it, all these measurements are of no use.

Anything I missed?

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Thank you #12.., and I guess a man better find a gas powered pump.., and is just interesting to me that submarines can be in the water with no shock, and yet in the great world of 2011 a.d. the world can't safely design a motor, hard fiber fans, or whatever, a water pump and motor, and wiring design, where a man doesn't have to worry about being shocked in water except by lightning:)


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In a sump or immersible pump they are "double insulated" The way they are made prohibits a leak of current to ground. The one thing you do need to be careful of is the cord. A cut in the insulation of the cord can expose a leak to ground.

Think of a water well pump (deep well pump) they are submersed for years with no problem.

as long as your pump is marked "Class two(II)" or with the "Double Insulated symbol(a square in a square)" don't worry about it.