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    Dec 6, 2013
    Hi guys: i have installed a Video card RV 250 Ati 9000 on my
    Dell Demention 4500 P4,and it has a small fan and i checked and it's not moving at all, my question is, will it run when it gets to a certain temperature?.

    Also in the Bios set up there is an option on the video setting,
    PCI and AGP when i change it to AGP it will not change and stays at PCI by default,is this normal on a Ati 9000 card?.
    Also i bought two sticks of 1g of mem ram to make the Dell Demention 4500 P4 2 Gigs of mem ram to change the 2 sticks of 525mb each.
    i've noticed on the specs of Dell 4500 it sais max 1Gb.
    my question will i take advantage of the 2 gib mem ram that i ordered?

    Thanks in advance
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    Apr 5, 2008
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    I've never known a video card with a fan to not spin at all . . . some card fans do spin faster or slower depending on heat/system activity, but it should be spinning at least slowly even at idle. Sounds like the fan is bad or gummed up. Does it spin freely by hand?

    As for the BIOS setting . . . if the video is operating off the 9000 I wouldn't worry about it. To my knowledge all it does is signal the BIOS which display to initilize first, which might reduce boot time by a second or two. If the BIOS does not detect a video source in one slot it will default to the other.

    In addition to what Bertus said about your ram, it appears your board only supports 1GB total . . . so two 512MB modules would be your max.
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    Jul 19, 2014
    Not that I know of too much about the inside of either a PC's/laptops,
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    The ram you ordered might work just fine. The question is what amount of that ram the chipset/bios will recognize. If the computer has original bios, it will most likely see 512 MB. So one 1 GB stick will be seen as one 512 MB stick.

    I have read that in some cases on those old P4 machines, updates to bios made those machines recognize (and therefore use) more ram. But these bios changes were never put into the documentation.
    My advice. When your ordered ram sticks arrive, put them in, boot the pc and see what it shows. Will it see two 1 GB sticks or will it see two 512 MB sticks. If it sees two 512 MB sticks, then copy the bios version and check dell website for newer bios. If there is newer bios, read the notes and also google for info on that bios version, see if the newer bios will let your computer recognize larger ram sticks. If newer bios will recognize larger ram sticks, then you will have to decide if you want to risk upgrading the bios or if you want to keep things as they are.