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Hi guys, Attached is my schematic.

I'm using D15XB80 for my rectification, L1 I use it as a choke, im using the IGBT to control the current flowing on L2, the capacitor in parallel with L2 is used for resonance.

I'm confused because when my circuit is operation, the DC voltage across the L2 is 0V and AC voltage across L2 is high, and when i measure current, between my resonance circuit and the IGBT, the DC current is Lower than the AC current.

Can anyone explain to me why do i get the AC parameters when i don't have AC going to my load?



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They are both resonance circuits, the first is a notch filter the second a band pass filter.
The ripple content of the DC tends to be removed by L1 and the C following it, but everything depends on the frequency of the pulsed DC and the value of the L/C's?
There is no return path for the IGBT?