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    Jul 10, 2011
    So I have the attached schematic and I'm given Rload = 3KΩ, Av = -10, VBE = -0.7V, β = 200, Ai = -10 and Vcc = -12. I need to determine all element values, Rin and max voltage swing across Rload. I'm thinking the right way to start this analysis is by first figuring out Rc and Re, but don't know how I would exactly start this. I have determined Rin to be 3kΩ but I still can't find any formulas that gets me any further than that. Can someone please help?
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    Jun 29, 2011
    Your circuit, although the diagram is unfocussed, looks like a universal bias circuit. Any good text on basic transistor theory would show a worked solution for this type of circuit. The attached pdf is reproduced for education purposes only.
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    This type of problem seems to crop up 'ad nauseam'.

    One might conclude the topic is poorly taught.

    SamAtOz - the pdf attachment in your post is useful insofar as it shows how to analyze a bias case for given circuit values. It does not show how to synthesize a design to meet the given design goals.

    Of course one must know how to analyze before one can synthesize.
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