help please.. using the parallel port to turn on a solid state relay..


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5v from a parallel port is perfect as the SSR you chose needs very little current on the DC side. But here's some parport info in case it's non-standard in some odd way.

In fact I have an OMRON that draws so little I could piggy back an LED and it still worked.

Should be 3-32 volts on the DC side and for the AC your line / mains voltage and rated at the max current of both devices + 25 percent. so 100 amp would need 125 amp etc

There are calculations in the documentation that tell you how to figure out what resistor to use if you use a higher voltage than 3VDC for the control voltage. Damn good specs on those SSRs

Pay attention to the heatsink requirements. Pay attention to the need for a snubber.