Help please in my reverse vending machine:@

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hi, can anyone please help me with my senior project, reverse vending machine? it is a machine that buy the used plastic bottles, cans and tin can, i already know its features but i dont know its circuits and components and how it really works inside. can anyone please help me out, im a newbie here, so please, anything will do, Thankyou very much!!!!:confused::confused::confused:


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Hopefully, there are more people working on this than just you!

The machines I've seen take one bottle or can, and rotate it while scanning for the UPC code. The code is tested against a list of the products the store carries, and if it's not listed, rejects the container.

If the container is accepted, and if it's a plastic acceptor, the bottle gets chewed up into pieces to allow better storage; if it's a metal acceptor, the can gets crushed, and money (or a receipt) is given to the customer.

Some machines can deal with multiple container returns, and give larger value coins to the customer.

How much of the design are you responsible for? Will you need to get the hardware -- box, coin dispensers or receipt printers, UPC scanner, control boards, etc.? A lot of the hardware is probably already available commercially.

(Voice of experience: do NOT forget ESD protection on the control board!)


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ei, thnk you, my reply is a little lkate, i was assigned in designing in our barcode reader using ccd preferably but if i can not do not, i think i'll go to the ir emitter and detector, do u think you can help me for having a circuit of a barcode reader using ccd or and ir? im trying to found some but im the interfacing of the microcontrolller is assigned to me too,, please, can you help me dud? i'll owe you a lot if u can., anytihning can be a help, thank you !!


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Why redesign the wheel? Barcode scanners (handheld) are common and inexpensive. Get a commercial unit and use it. Here is a site with a bit of information.

The challenge is getting the user to present the can so the barcode can be read....