help please! I think my computer either has a virus or in being hacked into

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This afternoon my laptop's webcam started lighting up like it was being in use, and the light would keep on flickering off and on. Shortly after a window popped up in the middle of my screen labeled as 'ghost CHAT' and I could not get out of it, I panicked and turned the laptop off thinking it might help.

I didn't have problems again for a while after that, then the webcam light started flickering on and off again, so I turned off the wireless internet before anything else might happen and waited a while.

The when I connected back to the internet it was fine for a while again, then all of a sudden the window popped up again. I turned out the wireless internet again, took this screen shot and either was able to end the program through the task manager (or it closed it self on it's own).

I sent in that message after I turned off the wireless connection and it showed up on that username. I've never seen it before.

And all through this my both my anti virus and firewalls were up.

I've googled the hell out of this and can't find anything helpful :/

I just did a system restore about a month ago because one day all of a sudden none of my browsers would connect to the internet even though other things like msn messenger worked just fine and I couldn't figure out a way to fix it (my computer knowledge is very limited). I run a small animal rescue and can't afford to not have a computer, as it's my main way of getting in contact with potential owners, posting adds for them and running our website. I'm desperate for help! Thank you *so* much in advance if you guys can help me!
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To start with, install / run both Combofix and Malwarebytes Anti-malware.

You can find download links and instructions for use on

Look for the sections relating to 'Malware removal' and 'Spyware removal'.

Make sure you have a good and up-to-date antivirus!
(And ONE antivirus, not more - you can have multiple anti-spyware etc., but more than one antivirus can cause serious problems).


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Surely it is a Hacker doing,cause you can only get a message box when you connect the network,and the box popup time is not periodic right?It must be it.
Solution is download a hack kill software and cut the network connection,do a completely check then.