HELP please ! capacitor identification

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Hi, i hope someone out there can help me. I live in zambi. the capacitor for my Industrial Sewing machine, is burnt according to the local electrician.
I need to replace the capacitor but it has got ZERO indication of what voltage, microfarads, or make it is.??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!

The clutch sewing motor is from america so i presume it works on 110V. The motor itself has got no name or any inscriptions.

The only writing on the capacitor are these numbers
20230 on the side of the box
510132 underneath the box
61102 underneath the box

The capacitor is a metal box of about 2and half inch wide, four and quarter high and one and quarter inch thick.

Someone mentioned to me that i could run the motor without this that right?

PLEASE PLEASE am stuck !
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It's a common failure, check in your phone book for "sewing machine repairs" the repairman should have caps in stock to suit all common brands of machine.