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  1. Matthew Enderle

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    Jul 28, 2010
    Ok I need major help designing a board and software for driving a DC motor by PWM and being able to change the frequencies by a touch screen LCD with the resolution of 240 x 128px. I have done a bit of research and found this thread on here for interfacing a PWM with a PIC.
    I want to be able to design the GUI myself. IF it will help you this is for a Gehl 1475 Round baler that has a Linear Actuator that feeds string into the baler. The current controls consist of a DPDT switch that just controls the 12VDC motor on the baler. This will be powered off a 12VDC 10amp tractor battery.

    You might ask why a LCD, I plan to implement a acid applyer to the baler later and with the touch screen I can have it control solenoids that apply the acid.
    I have to have a timer and a pwm to control the motor because think of the bale like this in segments...
    [1-2-3] 1= left edge 2= middle 3=right edge. Each needs a different speed or PWM like:
    [||-|-||] |= less wraps per inch ||=more per inch
    the user interface will have a button to switch editing each of the three Pos. and be able to change the w/i (wraps per inch) and the PWM Freq.

    I also plan to add a measuring device to tell how much twine is left by a linear sliding switch on a spring that clamps on to the roll. That i would think that you could take it and have it measure a resistance sent by the switch and convert it to feet left on the GUI.

    Also i am a computer programmer not a pic.
    Also i found this website, but i mainly do not know how to make the touchscreen edit the code or control the PIC's I/Os
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    Apr 24, 2011
    Hey my nephew was here last week and he couldn't wait to get back to Ohio to bail.

    Getting a touchscreen to work is no simple feet (pats self on back as he got it to work) but can be a little easier of you have some tools for the job.

    I would suggest getting a ready made touchscreen display with controller. That little guy there will set you back only $125 delivered but since it comes with a boot loader you don't need a programmer.

    Some very good libraries and a free C compiler for it can be downloaded from Microchip (the PIC guys) so you can begin to play with things right out of the box.

    However, just because you can run without a programmer doesn't mean you should: a good programmer will also act as a in circuit debugger and that is a very helpful thing to have.

    I suggest you download some of this and see if it makes sense before you spend any money, you are looking to jump into an advanced area. But I do applaud the interest.