Help: piano sustain pedal

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I have a casio keyboard (synthesiser). I want to connect a sustain pedal to it's jack type connector. Could anyone tell what is the circuit of pedal? Is is just a contact (NO/NC) or potentiometer?

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It should be a NO or NC contact, althought each synth mfgr has a different requirement.

You can get a pedal that has a polarity switch. Take a look at the FATAR VFP1.

It has a switch on the bottom of the pedal that allows you to select NO or NC.

Oh, and make sure you power cycle the Synth or it may not recognize your pedal correctly.

You weren't specific with a model number, but this is the way all of my controllers work...

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Sustain pedals for electronic keyboards are usually just a N.O. momentary switch that's connected to a mono 1/4" phono plug.