(HELP)Passive filter and BJt amplifier Project

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    Aug 26, 2010
    Purpose :

    your task will be to design an amplifier and low pass filter (LPF) circuit

    Problem statement :
    you were tasked to design the amplifier and filter circuit for the radio sets.... benchmarking will be done with this specifications :

    Input waveform : 1v peak to peak sine wave
    LPF cutoff frequency : 2khz

    Input frequency : 100hz : 1khz : 2khz : 20khz : 200khz
    output amplitude : 10 vp-p : <10 vp-p :5vp-p : <=1 vp-p : <=0.1vp-p

    tips :
    is is suggested that you use a comjbination passive filter and BJYT amplifier (inverting ) circuit


    i dont have any guide to solve this project + with my knowledge of electronic ~~!!! so aWesome,just start to learn

    if you all have any suggestion or diagram plss post and help me ....
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    May 30, 2010
    Have you not had any theory on BJT transistors and systems theory before? Cuz that's a bit rough a project without knowledge.

    You've got three design tasks:

    1) A low-pass filter with -20dB per decade. That's a simple first-order filter.
    2) A simple BJT invertig amplifier stage with a gain of 10.
    3) Connecting the two together. You'll want to match the output impedance of the filter to the input impedance of the amplifier. The two systems will affect each other.

    Btw, is that 5V peak to peak voltage at the cutoff frequency fixed? Because the cutoff frequency is usually defined at -3db, or at 1/sqrt(2) times the reference, which would here be around 7.07V, given the maximum output voltage of 10V.
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    Aug 26, 2010
    flow i can say that my knowledge regarding electronic (basic) is zero
    do u have any idea or things that i should learn