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    Feb 10, 2007
    friends i need help on the TRACKING SYSTEM used for airplane tracking,vehicle tracking,mobile tracking. all these systems make use of TRACKING SYSTEM i guess the principle of operation more or less the same for an applications. CAN ANYONE PLS HELP ME UNDERSTAND THE GENERAL OPERATION PRINCIPLE OF A TRACKING SYSTEM ,thanks in advance.
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    Feb 24, 2006
    If you are talking about GPS, the Global Positioning System, the method uses the phase difference in the arrival of signals from four or more satelites to fix a geoposition and altitude. The frequency range of the signals is 1.577 GHz which is a difficult sandbox to play in especially for a novice at RF design and methods. A typical processor in a GPS device would be an ARM7 which again is a sandbox with only a few hobbyists.

    There are many good articles online about how GPS works:
    was the top Google Hit
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    Any tracking device is going to rely on causing the tracked object to radiate some signal that can be detected at a distance. Just about any frequency in the EM spectrum can be used, but some are better, depending on the range and other factors for the tracking. For instance, a small blinking light is not as likely to be detected at several miles range, unlike a unique RF signal.

    For an external means of making the tracked object emit radiation, consider laser designators and radar. There is no one generalized solution to all the tracking problems you have mentioned.

    The problem, then, reduces to causing a reasonably unique signal from the tracked object and a receiver to detect it. Using two receivers may be advantageous, in that two lines of bearing may be produced which will cross at or neat the object's location.