Help on this Circuit using nodal analysis?

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    Apr 4, 2009

    it asks to solve for V1 and V2 using nodal analysis however I'm not sure how to solve this particular one because there is a voltage source and a resistor between the reference node and V1and I'm not sure what to do. Here is what I did so far because I'm not sure which way to go. I'm hoping someone can tell me which way is correct and why.
    What I did so far.

    equation 1: ((v2-v1)/1) = 2 + (v1/1) or ((v2-v1)/1) = 2 + ((v1+6)/1) " because of the 6v voltage source?"

    equation 2: ((v3-v2)/2) = (v2/1) + ((V2-V1)/1)

    equation 3: ((V3-V2)/2) + 3/0? or just + 3i?

    equation 1 and equation 3 is what i'm confused about.

    Also I just need V1 and V2 for the problem.
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    Aug 9, 2008
    If you have a resistor with a source between the reference and node you can convert it into current source parallel with a resistor (Here 80 A source and 3ohm).Another thing here is you can take v3 as 3 volts .
    Otherwise you have to include 6v in your node equations
    KCL at node 1

    (v1-6) / 1 + (v1 - v2)/1 + 2 =0

    at node 2 (v3 = 3v)

    v2 - v1 +v2 +(v2 - 3)/2 = 0

    Solving this we get the requireed voltages.