Help on my h-bridge configuration circuit

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    Hello Kkazem I have been following your post and came to the believe that you can help me out of my pressing problem.
    I have been trying to design a pure sine wave inverter using PWM, I have succesfully completed all the circuit stages needed, but, I was badly disappointed when I completed the circuit for H-bridge configuration stage, using an IR2110 driver and IRF3205. I wanted to test its behavior by powering it on with no load connected to it. I expected to have no bad result, but, I was surprised when the circuit sparked and killed one out of the two Mosfet from either side and the two drivers used.

    I powered the circuit with a 24V supply, 18khz pwm to have an out put of 50hz sine wave, 100 ohm gate resistor.

    Please I will like you to explain to me what could cause the problem and how I could go about the successful design of this circuit.

    Please u can mail me to <snip> or post the answers here.

    thanks so much I shall be very grateful.

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    Welcome to the forums.

    You have had your post moved to its own thread, as it can be quite confusing to have multiple lines of questioning open. The original thread is -

    It would be necessary for you to post an accurate schematic of your unsuccessful circuit on order to get good advice or suggestions.
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    If someone is not specifically addressing you in a thread it is better off to not request help directly from them, as they may not ever see it - and it may discourage other knowledgeable people from replying to your inquiry.

    Starting a new thread for a new inquiry is a good idea, unless it is a continuation of another extremely similar inquiry that YOU have made.

    If there are threads started by others that are similar, just include a link to them.

    Success is when the design works. Since it does not appear to work, it is not yet a success.

    It sounds like you tried to use 24v for the IR2110 supply. If your MOSFET Vgs exceeds +/-20V, you will immediately destroy the MOSFET, and likely the driver as well. 15v is a good compromise supply voltage between fast charging of the boost caps, exceeding the low voltage shutoff, yet staying several volts away from the maximums.

    The IRF3205 has a Qg of 146nC, which is quite large. You are attempting to charge/discharge that gate via a 100 Ohm resistor. You will have slow turn on and turn off times as a result, and fried MOSFETs once they have a load on them.

    You really need to post BOTH your schematic, and your board layout.