Help on Moving car project

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I have this project where by we need to design a moving car made powered using motor. Currently we have made the car LED counts from 0-7 and back to 3 and up to 7 again as shown in the multisim file.
We are required to make the car travels from station 3,4,5,6,7 (made using U shape arcylic material at 15cm tall) and then pause and reverse to 3 once it reaches 7 . We need help on how to devise the circuit for the above part Thanks.



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This is utterly confusing. What is the connection between whaterver the "car LED" is counting from something to something and a physical car powered by a motor moving along some U-shaped acrylic material? There just seems to be a huge gap in there somewhere.

You post a schematic (and thank you for that!), but say nothing about what the three switch inputs are for.