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Could somebody out there help with this, I am trying to figure out what the following letters stand for in this formula, they are Wc, s, j ; the formula is
LP=Wc^4/(Wc^2+1.414*Wc*s+s^2)^2 I also have the following information
Wc=j*2*pi*Fc, Fc=crossover Frequency, s=j*2*pi*F, F=frequency in Hz.
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the W is actually the greek letter omega \(\omega\)

\(\omega = 2\pi*f\) where f equals frequency.

\(\omega_{c}\) Most likely this is being used to represent the corner frequency of a filter.

The variable s = j\(\omega\)

LP stands for lowpass. This indicates to me that the expression you have is the transfer function for a lowpass filter.

Further to my earlier comments, the coefficients that appear in the denominator of the expression would lead me to conclude that the expression is for a 2-pole Butterworth Low Pass filter.