Help on finding replacement part for "Stabistor" STB568/9 Multi-pellet Diodes

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Part of my job at work is to lend advice and sometimes find a replacement part to a vintage one.

In this particular post, I am speaking about a General Electric branded "stabistor", or "stable resistor".

Apparently, these multi-pellet (I assume that means multi-layer to some extent) diode devices claim to have a very linear conductance over temperature, which allow you to design a very stable push-pull output amplifier stage, despite temperature changes. These little guys compensate for temperature changes that cause the stage to drift, etc.

The part numbers are STB568 and STB569 and are almost the same part with minor differences.

My questions are:

Are they still manufactured under a different company, brand name, trade name, or device name?

Besides small signal diodes like the 1N914, are there any other exact or close physical replacements that are not specifically stabistors?

I appreciate any of the support I can get! Thank you much!

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This device was in series with the power supply input on an op-amp voltage reference circuit. I *think* it was regulating the current and protecting the op-amp from having its power supply connected backwards.

I think I can just use a 1N914 for this particular application.

I *thought* my boss was asking about a circuit that had a transistor output stage utilizing these devices, but he was not.

Unless anyone has any input, this thread could be closed.



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Although this post is old, thought I would add a bit as 'stabistor' info is challenging to find via google. This post is just to add info for future google search results.

NXP makes a stabistor, BAS17 (sorry did not look up specs of STB568 and STB569 to see if it is a replacement)

Vishay makes what looks like an updated/modified BAS17, called the BAS170WS (they call it a "Small Signal Schottky Diode") it is not identical to the BAS17.