Help Needed with 48VDC to 12,5VDC converter

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Hi.. I am working on creating a converter which converts 48VDC to 12,5 VDC. The problem is that i need it to be very efficient, like, SMPS.etc. But I am not so good at this field, so i need help.

Adding on, I am taking the power from a 48V, 150 Ahr battery. Load is LEDs, for lighting application. So, my doubt is that, even if i manage to compensate for the 48V using more LEDs, what about the current? will it burn the LEDs. Its a high capacity battery, so i have no idea.. Please help.


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You can connect more LEDs in series and the current through them has be limited to the current of one LED. The battery will not force more current than the current required by the LEDs.