Help needed to how to program AT32UC3B to getUSB->I2S convertr vth specific clk freq

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    Apr 13, 2011
    HI All ,:)

    Presently i am doing my Master Degree;)
    I have chosen AT32UC3B0512 Mc from Atmel for my project..

    It goes on like this.....
    I have a Wireless data transferring module using , RF from Base to Remote modules.
    Now i have to rig up an interface circuit such that it shud accept
    Digital data from PC USB port ...
    I.e data from PC --- USB---- Atmel IC ---- Out through I2S pins ---my module (Base)
    I say I2S cuz , my base module accepts a synchronized data with a particular clock hertz.
    So as in i was checking for AT32UC3B device i found SSC as a best part
    which could meet all my specifications...

    I am planning to use I2S lines for digital data transmission i.e. 0's and 1's ...
    Its not audio , i am clear in this case..
    3 lines , one for data , one for Synchronization signal and one for the Clock (5MHz )
    The sync signal is used to tell the transmitter that the data is ready for transmission
    Its high when data is available , its low when data is not ...