hELP needed to connect a home theter to a Car stereo controller

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I am planning to replace the old stereo speakers in my car by a recently bought Home theater system... The 2.1 Home theater system is directly operated under AC..

Power rating of the home theater system is :

50 W for woofer + 2*18 W for each speakers.. total of 86 W

I have attached herewith all images for assisting youPICTURE

1. Home Theater System

2. Specifications

3. Input and output RCA jacks of the system

4. TRS to RCA converter ( can play songs from mobile phones )

5. Stereo system currently placed in the Car

6. One of the Speakers in that stereo system

7. Internal view of that speaker

8. Intented inter connecction diagram between Car stereo Set and the Home theater system

I think the home theater can be connected to the car stereo controller unit by using a pair of RCA cables and a set of TRS jack and plug.... The connection is clear in picture 8. The wire connection to each speakers in the stereo box is separated from the speakers and the following connections are thought to be established keeping the speakers disconnected...

A - A' For Left / Right Stereo Input for the Home theater

B - B' Common Signal Ground

C - C' For Right / Left Stereo Input for the Home theater.

I am quite sure that this type of connection will be dangerous, since the Points A' and C' carries high voltage and currents which are originally designed to suit for the actual speakers.... So there might be some method of circuitry to be used in between the connecting segments i.e, between A and A', B and B' , C and C' respectively...

So it will be very great-full if anybody there to help me for fulfilling the purpose.


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I have forgotten to ask onething...

The powering of the home theater in car can be achieved by using a 100 W inverter... AM I RIGHT ??
If yes, can i use any type of inverters ( such as ordinary square wave inverters ) for this purpose or should i have to use a pure sine wave one ( considering the health of the Home theater system ) ??????