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    May 30, 2014
    Currently I am also doing another inverter project ( obtained from ), which is a pure sinewave inverter..
    The circuit is based on the decade counter IC 4017. In this circuit, i am getting an average voltage signal of about 3.0 V only at pin#2 and pin #3 of IC4017... In the circuit i posted before, using 4047, the average voltage found at the output pins of 4047 IC was 6.0 V average ( 12 Vpp equal to supply voltage ). But here it is only about 3.0 V.

    Mr. Swagatham Majundhar , who owes the blog ( homemadecircuits... ) told me that the voltage available at pin#2 and pin#7 will be exactly the same as the supply voltage ( 6.0 V average )... But mine is different... What is the reason for this ? Do anybody give me a better reply and suggestion for this ?
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    Aug 21, 2008
    The counter is set up to reset immediately after output "4" (the fifth state) goes high, so you get an approximately 25% duty cycle. 12 volts x 25% = 3 volts average. Your measurement is correct and for what its worth, it seems that the counter is counting correctly.
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    May 30, 2014
    Thanks bro.
    But what i have to do to make that voltage about 6V, because that much average voltage is needed to make the MOSFETs conduct fully, and thereby producing maximum output power by the inverter...
    Can i make any other reset positions ( other than pin#10 ) to make it 6.0 V ?