HELP needed Radio data transmission

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Hi guys:
I'm doing a project on radio data transmission. Stuck on some calculation stuff, hope you guys can help.
Just bit of background info on the project. I suppose to send Digital Data via AM frequency (between 500KHz to 1500 KHz). It is done by modulating the digital data on to a carrier signal, or Amplitude Shift Keying. A class C amplifier is used to do this and the modulation is amplified onto a LC tank circuit which resonate with the carrier frequency and sends it out.
I've done quite a lot of research on the thing, and now starting on the calculation for all the capacitor and resistors. Just need some hint or maybe some sample working out. and what sort of diode to be used on it. And what should i use to produce data input in this case (just a stream or one-by-one of 1 and 0 is good enough). I've attached a simple drawing of the circuit i came up (please excuse the drawing), not sure if its right, please correct me.
Also i need some IC with RF amp, detector and AF amplifer for my receiver, where can i find them because i was told it's possible to find such IC.

Any help would be greatly appreciated