Help needed on MOSFET amplifier project

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    Oct 31, 2011
    Please can someone help me on this problem. I need to know where to start, I know I need to use a MOSFET​

    Design, build and test an AC coupled amplifier powered from a 12V supply with the
    following specification.​

    Input voltage: 100mV
    · ​

    Covers the audio frequency range: at most 50Hz to at least 10kHz
    · ​

    Gain: 24±2 dB (gain should be flat over the specified frequency range)
    · ​

    Output should not be inverted
    · ​

    Input impedance: >1.2 MW
    · Output impedance: <180 W
    · No resistors <220 Ohms to be used​
    · No parallel resistors on transistor output stages

    Thank you!!