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    When current 1A is given and time 10 sec and power 120W then if how to find charge Q i have tried every possible combination and formula but all formulas left me with V or R but it is not given is the question wrong??? or something missing in it???
    Answer is 24C given:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:
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    This question belongs in the homework help section.

    However you have told us of your adventures in trying to answer it so I will help here, then perhaps a mod will move the thread to where it belongs.

    Current is defined as the rate of flow of charge.

    Charge is measured in Coulombs
    Time is measured in Seconds.

    Current in Amperes = Charge divided by Time

    or current x time = charge

    So 1 amp is 1 coulomb passing in 1 second


    1 amp is 1 coulomb passing per second

    If 1 amp is maintained for 10 seconds, then ten times as much charge will pass i.e. 10 coulombs

    or to use a formula charge = current x time = 1 x 10 = 10 coulombs.

    The above is true irrespective of the power, voltage or resistance in a circuit so look again at your question and tell us exactly what else it says.